Thursday, June 23, 2011


Jill 6 years old with Dad

1st grade...age 6

Jill's 7th birthday
Cherie Clark, Lance Booth, Craig Clark, Jill Clark, Mariane Oyer, Laurie Wren, Michele Whitehead, Mikey Wren, Valerie Mullins, Cathy Walters, Paula Clark, Shendy (age 2)
& Chad Mullins

Mariane Oyer, Jill, Mikey & Laurie Wren, Michelle Whilehead & Valerie Mullins

Valerie & Chad Mullins, Craig Clark, Lance Booth, Joey Rammelsburg, Laurie & Mikey Wren, Shendy (age 2), Shelly (age 9), Michelle Whitehead, Cherie Clark, Paula Clark,
Mariane Oyer & Cathy Walters

Jill & Dad

7 years old

Christmas 1977

Barbie & the Bionic Woman Jamey Summers

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