Thursday, June 23, 2011


Mikey Wren & Jill

Jill & Shelly

wearing Mrs. Beasly's glasses

Dad's birthday

Jill's 3rd birthday
Mom, Dad, Unk, George Henderson, Aunt Mary Andrix, Aunt Winnie, Mimi, Cousin Matt,
Cousin Luke, Paw Paw, Shelly & Jill

another 3rd birthday party
Pam Brown, Mikey Wren, Shelly, Valorie Mullins, Dougie Meacham & Jill

Mimi, Dad, Shelly & Jill

Dad & George

3 years old

Ruth Hamer


3 years old

Christmas 1973

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  1. Better hair here! Dad still sits like that....with his arms above his head and his leg up over the other leg. :)