Thursday, June 23, 2011


kindergarden, Sunbury, OH

5 years old

Shelly's 8th birthday
Cathy Walters, Cindy James, Lora Cole, Jill, Jill Clark, Cherie Clark, Angie Woods,
Valarie Mullins & Lori Clark

Jill's 6th birthday
Chad Young, Craig Clark, Lori Clark, Shelly, Jill, Mike Young, Cherie Clark,
Paula & Jill Clark, Daniel & Steven Braun

Mike & Chad Young, Jill, Cherie & Craig Clark, Shendy, Jill & Paula Clark

school play
Jill is the second from the left Ragedy Ann

Christmas at Grace Chapel 1976
Jill, Santa, Lori Clark & Tracy Rammelsburg

Mom & Dad always had a Christmas party in the basement of our house
and Santa always showed up

6 years old
Mom made the dress, apron & bonnet

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