Thursday, June 23, 2011


my first haircut
given by Mom

Mrs. Rothgary and the preschool class

Mrs. Rothgary & Jill

Jill & Cherie Clark

Jill's 5th birthday
Daniel & Steven Braun, Jill, Mike & Laurie Wren, Shelly, Valerie Mullins, Craig & Cheri Clark, Chad & Mike Young

5 years old

Jill's 1st day of kindergarden
getting on the bus

Jill coming home after the 1st day of kindergarden

age 5
kindergarden program

CCL Christmas party

Christmas 1975

5 years old

Shendy (2 1/2 mos), Shelly (7) & Jill (5)

Shelly & Jill

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